ავარიული სახლების ჩანაცვლების პროგრამის ფარგლებში, ბიქეი ქონსთრაქშენი მე-3 პროექტს ახორციელებს.


As part of a Dilapidated Houses Replacement project, the old, rundown four-story building on Lane N6 of Davit Gamrekeli Street in Saburtalo district is currently being torn down. In its place, a new eight-story residential building will be constructed by "BK Construction" LLC, based on the architectural design provided by "Georgian Houses" LLC.

The project
scheduled to be completed within 36 months. The total cost of the construction works is 6,475,669 GEL, covering a construction area of 4809.9 sq.m.


The project aims to accommodate 19 families.