"White Square" and "BK Construction" joined the Georgian Business Association


The companies belonging to BK Holding, the construction company BK Construction and the development company White Square became members of the Georgian Business Association.


BK Holding is a traditional holding company with 30 years of experience that unites the development company White Square, the construction company BK Construction, and the construction college Konstrukt2. In addition, BK Holding has invested and owns a stake in a manufacturing plant for YTONG, an energy-efficient and fire-resistant building block.

BK Construction has ten years of experience working on projects of varying complexity and scale.

For 30 years of operation, BK Construction has successfully implemented up to 30 projects of various scale and complexity, including hotels, shopping centers, business centers, residential complexes and others - a total of 500,000 sq.m.

The company's portfolio includes such projects as Radisson Tsinandali Hotel, Park Inn Tsinandali Hotel, Moks Hotel, Ramada Encore Hotel, Ramada Tbilisi Hotel, Gudauri Lodge Hotel, Ibis Hotel, numerous residential complexes of development companies m² and Archi and Tbilisi Gardens, also multi-apartment residential building and many more.

During the work, BK Construction tries to set the highest construction standards in the Georgian market, and only a company with such high standards has enough experience and resources to implement such large-scale projects, which inspires confidence among its partners.

The current project of the White Square development company is multi-apartment residential buildings on Shartava Street, which are also being built by BK Construction.
 White Square is a flexible, client-oriented brand backed by 11 years of experience in managing a development company. 

"We welcome BK Construction and White Square, one of the leading construction and development companies." It should be noted that the main goal of these construction companies is the quality and setting the highest building standards in the Georgian market. We are pleased that companies with such high standards become members of the Georgian Entrepreneurs Association, which is an important prerequisite for improving the business climate and environment.



We hope that our cooperation will be very effective, especially taking into concideration the challenges caused by the Covid pandemic and the war that has completely shaken the world economic system.

Despite unforeseen circumstances, the Georgian Business Association is ready to overcome emerging challenges, taking into account the interests of its member companies, and make the maximum contribution to protecting the interests of the business sector, as well as to the sustainable economic development and stability of the country," mentioned President of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Georgia Soso Pkhakadze.