BK Construction starts a project to replace dilapidated houses in Tbilisi


In the Samgori region, within the framework of the emergency houses program announced by the Tbilisi City Hall, the construction company BK Construction is implementing a pilot project for a specific building.

BK Construction has won a tender for the replacement of damaged houses, announced by the Tbilisi City Hall.

The first participant in the program will be a building of the fourth category of accidents, located in the Samgori district, the dismantling of which will begin in October this year, and construction work will continue over the next 2 years.

As part of the project, 36 families will be satisfied with completely renovated apartments.

“It is important that the City Hall has moved to the stage of active implementation of the program for the replacement of dilapidated houses.

We welcome the opportunity to contribute to this process.

This project is also a pilot project for us, and we would like to use the experience gained here in the implementation of similar, larger-scale projects.

We see a good match between public and commercial interests. It's crucial that the living conditions and quality of life of the residents improve.

On the other hand, the dilapidated building replacement program is a good opportunity for the full-fledged urban development of Tbilisi,” says Shota Berekashvili, managing partner of BK Construction.

The new building will have 10 floors, adapted, and equipped with fire protection systems.

The infrastructure will be outfitted in compliance with all standards, whether it is a modern elevator or fire safety systems.

BK Construction is a leading construction company with almost 30 years of experience. At this stage, the company's portfolio includes about 20 ongoing projects. The area of ​​construction works is determined in the amount of 1,000,000 sq.m.